July 16, 2008

I'm not dead just 10 weeks pregnant...

Okay so I haven't posted in about two months and really I don't want to excuse my lack of blogging. But I am 10 weeks pregnant and feeling not so great these days. When I have time to sit at the computer in silence I'm either feeling sick or extremely tired. I've taken more naps in the last 10 weeks than I have in the past 5 years. Maybe this pregnancy is different because I'm just getting older?? I'm hoping the 2nd trimester will be better in energy levels and hopefully I won't feel so crappy. I've decided I'm just not one of these women who love being pregnant - I like the outcome but I hate my body being taken over for 9 months!! Thought I'd post a few pics of Sydney Kate. The first one shows off her very first fish. Her Pappy and Granny Jo gave her a Dora fishing pole while we were visiting on July 4th. She was so excited to go fishing - and lucky for us the fish were biting! The second few pictures is Sydney Kate with her best friend Ike (they call each other Ya Ya). I just love these pictures of them and I'm considering setting up an arranged marriage.

Keep checking back I'm rededicating myself to the blog - I promise!