October 13, 2009

A couple of blog worthy events...
1- Pumpkin Patch with good friends
2- My boy has the best smile ever!
3- My four year old daughter just asked me for a Snuggie for Christmas. Wow! I think Santa can make that happen... a blanket with sleeves is so practical for a 4 year old.
4- Had the flu over the weekend - took Eli to the doctor today because he was coughing. Thank God he does not have the flu but since I had it and he's coughing he is now on Tamiflu. I am terrified of him getting the flu this season!
5- Eli's best friend was just born - Ashley had a baby boy last week. Welcome to the world Harry!

October 8, 2009

My 9 month old - Oh I mean 11 week old...

Okay take a good look at those rolls - it takes hard work to get rolls like that and Eli has been perfecting those rolls for 2.5 months now. Yes people my little big guy is weighing in at 15 pounds - and really I haven't weighed him in a few days so he might even be up to 16 lbs. Apparently breast feeding is going well? Eli is an amazing little baby. He is so content and happy - we are getting lots of smiles and little sounds now. It is the best thing to look at your little one and get a big toothless grin! Priceless!! Eli is sleeping through the night most nights - last night it was from 11pm to 7am. They say bigger babies sleep better and I guess I believe them.

So If you need to squeeze a big, fluffy, round and happy baby come on over.... he is the perfect size to squeeze and kiss!!

The Ervin cousins...

We went to Chattanooga last weekend - based on tradition we always try to get a picture of all the cousins together. This is little Eli's first cousin picture. Aren't they all so cute!

Future Soccer Star?

Okay maybe she's not the star of the team but she's for sure the prettiest! And the only girl. During her second game I was telling her to try to kick the ball in net - she informed me "Mom I'm trying but they keep taking it away - and THAT'S NOT VERY NICE!" Yea, I see your point... okay you can play basketball instead - I know the rules of that game.