July 26, 2009

Elijah Joseph Ervin... why this name?

Elijah Joseph Ervin

To be honest when we decided on Eli’s name we didn’t give the meaning a lot of thought. I knew his name was obviously a strong biblical name and had great meaning but throughout this pregnancy I haven’t specifically studied the life of Elijah. Today I skipped church and sent the rest of the family – I needed a moment of silence – of reflection – time with the Lord to be thankful for the baby boy he has placed inside of me and I will soon meet.

Elijah = “The Lord is my God”. I pray this is true for Eli – there will never be a day he does not understand there is a loving God. No matter where you go or what you do remember your name – The Lord is your God.

Joseph = “God will increase”. Joseph was chosen because my dad’s name is Joseph. I’ve always said if I had the opportunity to have a son I would name him after my dad. A great man of honor, full of love, humble spirit, and solid. I hope those same qualities for Eli. I also believe God has blessed our family with a son – another child to add to our family after many trials to get him here – so perfectly Joseph means God will add/increase. God has already shown his love and power by soon adding Eli to our family and we are thankful.

1 Kings 19: 11-12
“Elijah, come into my presence. I’m going to pass by. Then God revealed himself in a gentle whisper”.

We long for our children to be in the presence of God – to know Him fully - To understand His love and grace for their lives. Not only to be in His presence but also to hear His gentle whisper – to me the whisper is like a strong embrace by a loving God. I pray my children experience the “gentle whisper” of the Lord throughout their lives.

July 22, 2009

Entering the final week...

It really feels like I've been pregnant for a very long time. I am so ready to meet Eli and I'm so ready to be able to actually see my toes when standing. Went to the doctor this week and I was 2 centimeters dilated and 30% effaced - if I don't go into labor on my own this week then we will be thinking of inducing next week - possibly Tuesday or Wednesday. I will go to the doctor again on Monday and see if my body is progressing on its own and if so I'll go ahead with the induction - I just don't want to induce if my body isn't on board because I'm not signing up for a 15 hour plus labor if its not medically necessary. For those of you wondering sometimes if you induce without being ready then the drugs could set you up for a very long labor time. So I realized last night that I have taken no pictures of my growing belly - so for the sake of my son and history - I had Todd take a most wonderful picture.

July 19, 2009

"Mommy I can do it myself I'm four years old now".....

My baby girl is now four years old - it seems like yesterday I was pregnant with her!! Sydney Kate has her daddy's personality all the way - always asking WHY - talking nonstop in the car - independent thinker (okay maybe that's me). She is a complete joy to have around and we miss her like crazy when she is away. Sydney Kate tells us all the time "Mommy you're my most favorite mommy ever" and "Daddy is my most favorite Boy". She loves without expectation of anything in return. I love my little girl and I'm honored to be the mom of the Best four year old ever!!

July 12, 2009

Our new theme song...


37 weeks and running out of fuel...

Seriously, this "nesting" business that comes with pregnancy is probably a good thing unless you have the amount of "stuff" I have to deal with before relaxing! I have waited to the absolute end of my pregnancy to do everything I planned to do - now I wake up out of a dead sleep to add one more thing to my list (which I keep by my bedside). Not sure I can allow myself to enter into labor until my list is complete - like I'll never be able to do anything again once Eli arrives. Silly thinking really - I think life exist beyond having two children? I must believe this to be true - I don't want to be a mom who has nothing else in her life to look forward to other than a dirty diaper or Noggin cartoons. So I keep telling myself life will continue when my little man arrives... hopefully he'll be a go with the flow kind of baby like his sister was. Soon to find out...

So my Mom and Mac came over last week and installed Eli's beautiful nursery - it is perfect! My mom has so much talent and I'm so glad she helps me! Not only did Eli get a new room but so did Sydney Kate... she got a beautiful Big Sister room! Now that I mentioned the rooms I better take a picture so you all can see my mom's talent.

Well I am 37 weeks - 3 weeks until my due date - but no one expects me to go all the way to my due date (maybe that's my wishful thinking)! This boy feels huge but my doctor predicts he'll be in the 8 pound range... we'll see if she is right? I go to the doctor on Wednesday to find out the progression - last week I was only dilated 1/2 centimeter. My doctor had the right perspective - At least it wasn't zero. I was personally hoping for 2 centimeters:) I'll keep everyone updated...