March 30, 2009

Blog slacker...

For many weeks now I have had several blogs written in my mind but none of them have actually made it to the blog. I'm sure they would have been greatly entertaining writings of my uneventful life the last few weeks. The fact is I suffer from a defect that has plagued me my entire life....Procrastination. I have a list of things I want to get done and by the end of the week I look back and realize I only checked off one item - something crazy boring and mundane - dishwasher unloaded...check! So all the other 100 items on the list have either been forgotten or I simply chose to take my daughter to the park or take a nap.

Two weeks ago Todd and I went out for a date night (aka night without the 3 yr. old). It doesn't happen as often as we would like but when it happens we savor the moment. We did our usual dinner and a movie - after the movie we went to the bookstore - which I haven't done in a while. I felt extravagant for a minute and bought two new books. I didn't buy them at or the used book section of Amazon. Nope - I went all the way and paid full price and enjoyed every minute of not feeling guilty for my purchases. For some of you this may be a surprise I'm trying to spend more wisely - save more money- clipping coupons - etc. But the point here is I needed (okay wanted) these books and I wasn't waiting seven days for them to arrive in the mail. I'm pretty sure you all need to also make these an upcoming purchase - so far both of these books have been amazing! Can I just say new book by Brennan Manning (The Furious Longing of God)- I should be naming our first born son after this man - I love his honesty that much. Side note for those who took that comment seriously ... no we're not naming our son Brennan although it is a cool name:) And the second book is by Ron Hall and Denver Moore titled "Same kind of different as me" - a biography of how these two very different men meet and how God works through unlikely people. I was told by a friend I had to read this book - thanks Lauren - I love it so far.

Still pregnant - 22 weeks down and 18 more to go!! I've been feeling like an old lady lately. At this early stage of my pregnancy I'm having some major back pain - I'm talking nothing takes the pain away except for laying down. My husband is tired of massaging my back - however I will say he hasn't complained once when I've asked - thank you Todd. I've become best friends with my heating pad and well I'm tired of being laid up like some old lady! Finally, today I went to the doctor and I've been referred to a physical therapist who I'm told can make miracles happen - I'm calling her as soon as I finish writing this blog. I guess I should add in order to write this blog I had to prop myself up with a pillow and unbutton my pants...what a wonderful visual!! On top of the back pains I've got another wonderful sinus infection. As I waited in the doctors office this morning I thought I might get mobbed by all the new moms with their newborn infants in strollers as I coughed for 30 minutes straight with germs flying through the waiting room. I told my doctor I was lucky to get out alive this morning. If looks could kill I would be dead!! i guess I should have taken a bottle of water with me instead of that Caramel Latte I was sporting.

Well more to come later.... I have lots of spring pictures to share of SK! Coming soon....

March 2, 2009

Big News....

So today we had the big ultrasound - making sure all was well with this little one. We have four chambers of a heart, a good looking brain, and according to the ultrasound tech a long legged little BOY!!! I figured this little one would be tall (fits in good with this family) but since we are 3 for 3 with girls I wasn't really expecting a little boy. Of course we are both thrilled and just excited to be continuing on this pregnancy journey. All is good right now (I am 18 weeks along) just continue praying!! After the ultrasound today I felt like 20 pounds had been lifted - not that we are finished by any means - but something about seeing that little baby moving around so freely and healthy took away the anxiety I've been wrapped up in for 18 weeks. I expect there will still be moments of anxiety - all pregnant women have the scary thoughts and times - but the covering and all consuming anxiety I pray has just been removed.

Well we think we feel safe enough to tell Sydney Kate tonight - everybody keeps asking her what's in mommy's tummy and I keep telling her I've eaten too much (which I have:) ). I guess it is time to come clean and let her know the real truth. I'll let you know that reaction! I hope she's up for a little boy following her every move:)

I'm off to take a nap - my favorite hobby these days! love you all!