September 30, 2008

More pictures from our Arizona birthday trip...

Living someone else's life...

This weekend Todd and I took a mini-vacation to Scottsdale Arizona. It was completely amazing!! The kind of amazing where you wonder if other people are looking at you and wondering why you're there (maybe you don't belong with this crowd). I had the thought this weekend that somehow I must be living someone else's life - because what I was experiencing was complete bliss!!

Todd turned 40 years old last Thursday and for his birthday present we took a much needed trip away. We stayed at an amazing resort (The Boulders) in Scottdale and we were treated like royalty. We both spent time at the Golden Door Spa - can I just say best massage ever!! Plus Japanese spa, rain showers, and green tea cleanse. Yes we did it all!! After the spa we lounged by one of the pools and were treated with organic fruit smoothies. Todd also spent one day at a PGA golf course and played golf like the pros. It doesn't stop there... we then drive 1.5 hours to Sedona Arizona where we see the most beautiful red mountains. We decided we would like to do more than just see these mountains from a distance so we took a Jeep tour up to the top of the mountains - the view was breathtaking. After our tour of Sedona we headed back to Scottsdale but stopped at this fancy Italian restaurant to celebrate our last night in Arizona. I promise it was the best food that has ever touched these lips!

So Todd turned 40 years old in style and allowed me to enjoy it with him! I've got 7 years until my 40th - I think Todd should start planning my special trip now!

Above all the pampering we experienced this weekend - the best thing ever was to spend four whole days with my husband. No interruptions, no schedules, no pressures, no talk of what we need to get done - Rest and reconnection with the man I love dearly. I think sometimes the biggest gift we can give to our daughter is allowing her to see her parents spend time away in order to reconnect - letting her see our relationship is most important to us - this time rejuvenates us in order to be better parents, husband, and wife. Okay so it may not always be Arizona that we escape to but Starbucks is the next best thing for a good conversation with my man!

September 16, 2008

Best Friends...

I feel like I’ve been spending a ton of quality time with my daughter lately. Yes I’m a stay at home mom so this should be a given – right? However, I’m pretty sure all our time wouldn’t fit into the “quality time” category. In fact many times as a mom I’m just enduring the day until Todd walks in the door. SK started school a few weeks ago so our time together has been shortened – now on the days she is home with me our time seems more like a gift than a burden. Last week we had our first full day at home – no errands to run, pjs all day, and we played baby dolls and kitchen all morning. As we were eating lunch SK looked at me and said “Mommy we are sitting beside each other and we are best friends”. Yes, my love we are best friends.

Can you image this very same scene with God. I’ve been pondering this question the last few days – as I sit and look around… do I notice my best friend in my everydayness of life … do I demand His time? I wish I could say yes because that would be so spiritual of me. The person I notice most in my everyday world is ME. I get tired of noticing my crap – my sin – my junk – my sadness. I don’t want to be a needy hurting person – I want to be the helper! I thought I had this all worked out with God but somehow things have gotten crossed. So some days I find myself begging God to show up because I need my best friend to come and meet me… I need to experience Him… otherwise it is all just surface Okayness.

Sydney Kate needs all of me – she needs her mom and her best friend and she runs to me in her need. I wish I could mirror this action with the Lord. Teach me to run to you Lord like she runs to me for every little thing.

September 12, 2008

What I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks...

I love Fall - it always seems that I'm trying to fit 100 things in the few short months of Fall. There is absolutely nothing better than a crisp breezy fall day. When I think of fall I always go back to my Samford University days - skipping class and lounging on the quad with a view of a huge ridge full of color - the leaves were amazing! Also there was this one very special tree on the quad that had bright yellow leaves - ever made a snow angel in yellow leaves? I have!! I'm also gearing up for fall clothes - a light jacket, long sleeve shirt, and jeans. Love It!!

So I have lots of exciting things coming up...

In exactly two weeks Todd and I are leaving for his 40th birthday trip! Yep that's right I'm about to be married to a 40 year old - but please keep in mind I'm the much younger woman. We are going to Scottsdale Arizona to a golf and spa resort called The Boulders. Todd will play golf and I will be receiving a much needed massage. I'm so glad he decided to turn 40 this year because we both need this time away. No distractions - Just me and my husband!! Amazing!!

Then when we return from Arizona I will be running in The Race for the Cure. I guess I've been training for about 4 weeks now - I know I should be able to run 3 miles but I can't! I've been working out a lot over the last six months or so but it has been mostly interval training and strength training. So now I'm making the adjustment to running - never been my thing but it has always been a goal of mine to run in a race. It may be more like run/walk in a race but I'll finish!! Anybody want to join me - October 11th??

Also this fall I want to go camping, go back to the beach, and my 10 year Samford Reunion is in October. Lots to do and I'm looking forward to them all!!

September 9, 2008

Recent beach trip...

I just found this cool new photo editing site called Picnik. I've been playing around with a few pictures - here is a recent picture of Sydney Kate taken on our last trip to the beach!! Minus hurricane Gustav we had a great time!!!!

September 3, 2008

How do you rest?

Today my little girl started her three year old preschool class - three days a week she will be going to school. The freedom that gives me is a bit hard to contain - what do I do with all that time alone? I could clean my house, fold clothes, go to the grocery store, work, or I can do what gives me rest. I know the other things have to get done but I have to prioritize and many times if I'm not energized on the inside none of the other obligations will be done or at least done with a good attitude.

So today I loaded up my bag with a good book, my journal, and my bible. The big decision came once I dropped off Sydney Kate - none of this is planned in advance... which makes it much more enjoyable. Do I turn right or left? I ended up at Barnes and Noble cafe. But before I sat down to enjoy my Grande fat free caramel latte - I picked out three books to skim. I'm almost done with my current book so I'm on the look out for the next read. Finally I sit at the corner table. Not many people can see me right off but I have the whole view of the place - just in case I'm in the mood to veg out and people watch( My next favorite hobby). For two hours I read and soaked in a book about God's Grace. The truth is I don't remember the title of the book - not sure of the author either? All I know is I sat in one place for two hours with only this book, a great cup of coffee, and my thoughts. This is a rare event in a mom's life!

It has been hours since I left my cozy table at the cafe but my mind remains focused on thoughts of the Lord. I'm still walking through painful days - reminders of what has been taken - and days where I walk in great sadness. But most days I'm thankful for where I am despite the pain and brokenness. It seems we're all so busy doing life that when messiness enters in we search for where to put it on our to do lists. If it doesn't fit then we just ignore it. I'm so tired of ignoring what I really am... just one big mess in search of someone to clean me up - to hold me - to reaffirm my worth. Take a deep breath... find joy in resting ... get lost in thought about the Father's love for all of us - he especially loves the messy ones!

I remained, lost in oblivion;
My face I reclined on the Beloved.
All ceased and I abandoned myself,
Leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies.
- Saint John of the Cross