March 20, 2012

Okay, so its been awhile...

I've missed my little blog. I've neglected it for almost a year now which makes me sad. Truly I've had zero emotional or physical energy to maintain my little piece of the web. I have this blog for several reasons I guess - 1. To have a journal of sorts to document my children and our family and 2. To have a place to write about what is happening in my heart/life. I have done neither of these things - not that life hasn't been happening but I feel its happening at mock-speed and I'm barely able to come up for air. My last post sums up our last year and since that post we've been in survival mode. For Todd running two new businesses has been so hard and very time consuming. For me running our household, keeping up with children, and working as much as possible = TIRED!!

I'm ready for summer - I'm ready for the beach - and I crave with everything in me to at some point find some quiet among the craziness. I need quiet in my life - it is the only time I feel like I can connect the dots in this life of mine. I need that time to reflect on God - quieting my soul is very different than just quieting sound around me. Here's a little secret... sometimes I dream about being a monk. Does that sound fun to you? I would love to sit and read and focus my heart on a day to day basis. That sounds fun to me. I would like to serve others in quiet - to do as Brother Lawerence (Practice in the presence of God) did and wash dishes with the thoughts of the Lord on my mind. Today I do dishes with only the thoughts of what I need to do next or mad because I'm doing dishes for the 100th time and I wanted Todd to do them this time but I caved because the dishes were pilling up and I just couldn't ignore them anymore so I caved!!! Truth:)

So I do dream about being a monk but in reality I also desire community in this life of mine. Just so you know community takes effort and energy. I have neither of those things so many times I sit in longing and regret not reaching out to those whom my heart connects with. So if that is you - know that I love you and long for more time with you but my phalgmatic laziness overwhelms me in life sometimes.

So since my year long absentence on this blog is very clear now I think I'll start back by trying to give a snapshot of our year through pictures. I like pictures - many times pictures say things much louder than words. Love to you all - if you are still checking this blog:)

My two year old GAP model who is wearing a 4t/5t - I have tall children...I wonder why?

Sydney Kate in the Christmas musical at church.

Heading to church one morning...

Thanksgiving 2011

Halloween 2011

Went camping in a popup - here's SK and Eli playing underneath the bed section of the camper.

First day of Mother's Day Out - two year old class.

First day of First Grade!!!

Family beach trip in August 2011