February 5, 2009

Being 33 and pregnant...

I told my doctor yesterday that this pregnancy is making me feel old! Maybe I am old? I did just turn 33 last week - although its always comforting to know I'm still much younger than my husband. Seriously, I was dealing with some major anxiety last week with this pregnancy. To me I had entered the danger zone - the 2nd trimester. Yea, I know this is suppose to be the time you feel better but in my case this is dangerous time. I didn't have an appointment last week so I was lost in my own thought and did terrible things like goggling miscarriages and how to determine if you are still pregnant. Google can be a very dangerous place for the mind to travel.

Thankfully, I went to the doctor yesterday and heard the best sound ever - heartbeat! All seems to be good except my teenage looking skin (thank you hormones), my stomach looks as if I'm 20 weeks - seriously this baby is causing me major clothing crisis on a daily basis. I'm so not looking forward to maternity clothes - nothing yells old maid like those terrible huge shirts. However I'll take it all for the outcome of a precious little baby.

My favorite story of the week: I was putting on SK's rain coat so she could go to school. As I was pulling down her shirt sleeve I accidentally scraped her arm. She yells "Mommy don't hurt me - I'm PREGNANT!!" I said you don't know what pregnant means and she said yes I do because you were pregnant last summer at the water park (she remembers this because I couldn't ride the big rides with her and daddy). And then she tells me "I'm pregnant and soon I'll be having a baby puppy."

The best part is we haven't told SK about my pregnancy yet - and really don't expect to tell her until we feel a little bit safer. However, I was unaware that she knew the meaning of the word pregnancy. So I've been openly telling people I'm pregnant in front of her - and she has said nothing! Here I thought I was keeping some big secret from my 3 year old and all along she remembers information from last summer!! We're still not telling her even if she thinks she already knows. Smarty Pants:)