June 25, 2010

Sydney Kate's Dream...

My precious daughter is a very vivid dreamer. Many nights I find her sneaking up beside my bed to announce "Mommy I've had a bad "dweam". So there are a few "dweams" I feel it is important to write down - there are not many things that make you laugh at 3am but this particular dream was priceless.

Here's our conversation at 3am:
Mommy I had a bad dweam (complete with tears and all) - and I need to sleep with you. Sydney Kate tell me about your dream. I dreamed I was a waffle and Ashley Aimes (a friend from school) put me in the toaster.

Maybe it was bad to laugh out loud in front of my crying 4 year old but I couldn't help myself - one thing about my Sydney Kate she will be forever giving me things to write about - she has a very special way with words.

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Courtney said...

I would have laughed out loud too; That is priceless!